As at National Police Remembrance Day 2016, sadly both the National Police Memorial and the Honour Roll contain the names of 764 Police Officers who have been killed on duty or died as a result of their duties.

National Police Memorial

In 2001, it was resolved to establish a National Police Memorial in Canberra.

The Memorial pays tribute to Australian Police Officers who have been killed on duty or have died as a result of their duties since the advent of policing in Australia and to recognise the unique nature of police service and the dangers that police face in their daily pursuits.

The $2.4million memorial was jointly funded by the Australian Government (through the Australian Federal Police), State and Territory Police Services and Police Federation of Australia.

The Memorial was completed and dedicated on 29 September 2006 (National Police Remembrance Day).

photographed by G.Primmer, AFP.

photographed by G.Primmer, AFP.


Following the dedication ceremony, a criteria for future inclusion of names on the National Police Memorial was agreed upon together with a National Police Memorial Co-ordination Committee.

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